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Second Language Learning
Apprentissage de la langue seconde
Language Assessment and Testing
Évaluation de la langue seconde
French and English Canadian
Le français et l'anglais Canadien

Welcome to the Unilangues experience!strategie

Unilangues represents a team of dynamic and passionate experts in Official Languages who, having identified an immediate need to improve language training programs, joined forces in order to offer a superior learning experience.

Unilangues also represents over thirty years of experience in various fields related to language assessment, adult education, as well as language training program development and course planning.

Our language learning programs and material are designed for anyone aiming to get their dream job in the Public Service or looking to progress in their current field of expertise. All of our material has been tested and validated with numerous clients from various departments, organizations and ambassies in order to guaranty your success.

Enjoy your training!

The Unilangues Team